What I Learned at the Haven Conference

Haven conference friends

The Haven Conference

I just returned home from the Haven Conference in Atlanta, Ga. and it was one of the most inspirational weeks of my life. As a blogger, influencer and owner of a small media company, I work out of my home and communicate with a lot of people online. Having the chance to meet all of these people in one setting is pretty special and I am so thankful for the opportunity. The photo above represents all of the gals I have had the chance to get to know, share ideas and grow with over the past few years. I was thrilled to host these ladies at my brother’s home in Atlanta. This is what I love most about my job. These people!

If you are not familiar with the Haven Conference, it is a three day Conference held annually for home decor bloggers and influencers. The conference offers general sessions, workshops, mentor sessions, one on one time with sponsors and vendors and a lot of networking time. Does it get any better than this?

The schedule for this year’s conference can be found here. This year I attended and had double duties as a mentor and a presenter. I have to say I loved both of these responsibilities!  I attended all of the sessions and as many workshops as I could and spent a lot of time talking with the sponsors. It was incredible.

Haven Conference 2019

So What Did I Learn at the Haven Conference? 

It might be easier to answer “what didn’t I learn at the conference?”. But I can summarize that I am more motivated and inspired than I have ever been about my job. I have more clarity and understand I need to work smarter, not harder. I definitely need to raise my fees for collaborations. And my goal for the next twelve months is to focus on my blog.

More specifically, I was incredibly inspired by the talk Karianne Woods at Thistlewood Farms shared with all of us at lunch on Saturday. If you don’t know Karianne then you must get to know her! She is genuine, honest, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and has a hear of gold. Karianne is always promoting others and I want to have coffee with Karianne. For like a year. She is really that amazing. And she is smart, focuses on her blog and works really hard. She does all of the things I want to do! I think I want to be Karianne when I grow up.

Haven Conference Karianne Woods

Meeting the Sponsors of the Haven Conference

I love meeting with all of the sponsors of the Haven Conference.  Home Depot shared their new bath and bed collection. We all know that we can buy everything we need to build and remodel our homes at Home Depot. Did you know you can now buy everything you need to furnish it at Home Depot? How cool is that! They showcased their bedding and bath collection and I found the towels for our Waco Fixer Upper short term rental. I am so excited.

Leslie Saeta Haven Conference the home depot

I also attended dinners hosted by Grove Collaborative and Home Depot. These events were amazing!

Haven Conference Home Depot dinner


There were a lot of workshops in the schedule and as I mentioned, my friend Holly from Our Faux Farmhouse and I taught a class called Tools of the Instagram Trade. We shared our experiences and secrets about how we have grown our Instagram accounts and also how we have worked with brands. I love my partnerships with brands and sharing my experiences was so much fun.

The Tools of the Instagram Trade Haven Conference

There were so many people who attended the workshop (we taught two days) and it was very inspiring. I am writing another blog post with highlights from the workshop so stay tuned for that later this week.

Haven Conference Tools of the Instagram trade

I have written a lot of articles on my blog about how I grew my Instagram account and first started out. Follow the links below to learn more.

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How Much is Too Much // The Biz of Blogging // Part Four

To Blog or Not to Blog? // The Biz of Blogging // Part Five

The Biz of Blogging // Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of Your Blog // Part Six

Are Giveaways a Good Thing? // The Biz of Blogging

Are You Losing Instagram Followers? // The Biz of Blogging

Haven Conference

One of my favorite workshops was taught by Julie Blanner. She is the smartest gal I know when it comes to running a blogging business and you need to get to know her! She has been a huge help to me and I learned so much in her workshop. You should follow her blog Julie Blanner and her Instagram Julie Blanner.

julie blanner

Mentors at the Haven Conference

One of my favorite responsibilities at the Haven Conference was as a Mentor. This is my favorite part about Haven because they put everyone in a mentor group. It’s a great chance to instantly meet people and talk about anything you want. We shared a lot and I loved every minute. These women were all a part of my group and we sure had fun!

Haven Conference Mentor Group MY 100 Year Old Home

My group included ladies from the following accounts: The Pickled Rose, SonyaBurgess.com, Farmhouse 4010, Unexpected Elegance, Old Tyme Marketplace, VKL Interiors, JorDecor, PNW Farmhouse Design Co, Lemons to Lovelys, Girlbosses, Domaine Layne, This Delightful Life, Remington Ranch Farmhouse, Essential Era, Debra Hall Lifestyle, Life by Leanna, our_whitefarmhouse_, and Rustic Urban Life. (We had a lot of additions, so if I missed anyone please let me know!)

So What’s Next?

I have been out of town for ten days so I need to catch up. Ha. I really am motivated and I cannot wait to make some strategic plans for my business. I am looking forward to focusing on my blog and getting some help. And I will work smarter, not harder. That I can promise you.

If you feel you missed out, then you need to attend the Haven Conference in 2020. They haven’t announced the dates or location, but tickets usually go on sale in late February or early March. I would suggest you put it on your calendar.

(photo credit: @lifebyleanna  @casagrella)

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet post! It truly incorporates what I feel about Haven, too! It’s an AMAZING conference!

    You are such an inspiration!

    Happy day friend!

    1. KariAnne! You are the most amazing lady! I love your enthusiasm, confidence and warm heart. I am so happy I have gotten to know you and I can’t wait to see you again soon!

  2. You did an amazing job as a mentor and speaker at Haven! Thank you for encouraging me to attend months ago! I am constantly sharing tips with others that you have given me over the past year. You are the gift that keeps on giving!! Love the post!

  3. Let’s be honest, I want to be KariAnne when I grow up, just not sure when that will be 😂. She’s amazing, as are you!
    I can’t wait to put your ideas into action l, you’re an instagram inspiration!

    1. Julie! Your workshop was so great. I learned so much and I am already putting your advice into place. Thanks so much for being such a great friend and mentor. And yes, whenever we grow up we can be just like Karianne.

    1. Cris,
      Yes, they did! Maybe about five percent of the attendees were men. I am not exactly sure but I was so glad to see them there

  4. It was such a great experience having you as my mentor at Haven this year. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and honesty about all things blogging and instagram. So happy i got to connect with you and the other amazing bloggers in our group.

    1. Sonya! It was so wonderful getting to know you. I loved our Mentor group and know that we will be in touch forever!

  5. I have often wished I could attend Haven since blogging. Reality is the issue for me. Having MS has been my issue. Although I get around with a Walker traveling alone isn’t an option. It would be great to be able to tap in electronically. I would love to learn more.

    I have learned more since following you. I make a calendar but my life is different in the fact things take me longer. When working on large furniture painting projects I have a home to clean and our fur babies.

    Unfortunately those two will never take a back seat. Weird to some yes, but I enjoy having a clean home and our fur babies are our kids.

    Looking forward to more information


  6. Sounds like an amazing event and you were not only inspired, but played a huge role in inspiring others! I would love to attend Haven next year! xo

  7. It sounds like SO MUCH FUN, Leslie! And such good info! I already can’t wait for next year! In the meantime, I’m definitely going to check out all the bloggers who were in your group – I’m so curious to see what they’re up to! Thanks for sharing it all with us and being as inspiring as always!

  8. Babe I loved reading this and can not wait to go next year. Thank you for this round up! Also, are you headed to Alt Summit in March?

  9. I was a Haven newbie and I couldn’t be happier that I decided to attend this year. Your IG class was incredibly helpful! My primary focus with my business has been with my blog the past several years, so I’m anxious to dive into Instagram!

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