HOME TOUR // Summer Styling Part Two

Home Tour Summer Styling

HOME TOUR // Summer Styling

STORIES // A Little More About Me

AROUND THE HOUSE // Decorating a Room with Flea Market Finds

STORIES // A Glimpse Into My Life

AROUND THE HOUSE // Planning a Photo Shoot

AROUND THE HOUSE // Flea Market Finds

The Imperfections of My 100 Year Old Home

FINDS OF THE WEEK // The Fiddle Leaf Search

AROUND THE HOUSE // Organizing the Project Room

AROUND THE HOUSE // How to Set an Outdoor Table

AROUND THE HOUSE // Harvesting the 1914 Simons Brick

The Craft Room Makeover

FIND OF THE WEEK // Restoring a Flea Market Table

OFFICE MAKEOVER // Getting Started on My New Craft Room


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