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Welcome to one of my blogging series, The Biz of Blogging.

Lately, I have noticed a trend on the Instagram message boards. Many people are commenting about losing followers and how they aren’t growing their Instagram as fast as they expected. At first, I thought it couldn’t be true. But I did a little research and I was really surprised by what I found.

I am a huge fan of James Nord at Fohr Co. Fohr is an influencer marketing company and they have the most amazing statistics. James has a weekly podcast that you all should be watching, and he addressed this exact topic. He looked at the stats of all their influencers and said that 50% of them had actually lost followers in the last few months. Wow. That was not what I thought he would say. If you want an explanation about why this is happening you should listen to his podcast.

But here is what I think is the problem. Growing your account is fun. You meet new people, reach important thresholds and surpass your goals. For a lot of people on Instagram, it’s their main focus. 

How many of you are spending all of your time focusing on keeping the followers you already have?

I truly believe that is what your Instagram account should be all about. Every day you need to give your followers a reason to follow you. You need to share what is important to you. Be creative and push yourself to try new things. Entertain. Share what you love. Offer advice.

In fact, I think that keeping your followers should be your number one goal. Because if you focus on sharing great content then the new followers will follow. I promise.

Don’t forget to share more than just home decor on your Instagram account. Be real. Share your life. Share what challenges you. Share what you wish you could do. Share what bugs you. And of course, share what you love.

It’s good to share photos of your home looking it’s best. But don’t be afraid to share real life. We all live in real life. It’s pretty much every second of every day. A perfect life can be somewhat boring. Real life can be fun, encouraging and meaningful.

We are all so lucky that we have people who want to join us on our Instagram journey. You should focus on them and spend your time creating great content. If you do that, I think you will be happy with the results.

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  1. Love this Leslie! So so true. I am a newbie on IG, in the decor world and I do find myself getting taken away from what I am here for and what my real purpose is. This is a great reminder from an account I admire. thank you 😊

  2. Actually different people have different experiences. I get close to 2 thousand followers and then Instagram starts deleting. I have lots of people asking me why I deleted them. I did not. Even personal friends and family. At 1 point instead of adding subscribers they were subtracting the number and another time they just added them to whom I was following. Another major crazy situation is that they added sketchy accounts said I was following and never in a million years would I follow them. 1 was a nude woman had 6 photos 10 followers another looked like gang violence, reported it and deleted and then lots of real followers were deleted. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter has lots of issues right now. The Twitter CEO actually said that they could not control every employee and their motivations whether it was political or not. I am not a business but sad when my little nieces have alot more followers than me. Another friend received information that said if you keep writing and reporting problems they will keep doing it. So who really knows what the real answer is? Love your posts. Grace

  3. Just sharing my thoughts on IG. I am an old girl who came late to IG, which I follow on my iPhone. There are certain people I really enjoy following. I look forward also to receiving their blogs which are emailed to my iPad. I especially started following the decor but as time passed I feel that I know these ladies, they share their lives and families, DIY’s, celebrations and even difficult times. What bothers me though, is when I receive a blog from one of my favourites and then they share the work of 6 or 8 of their friends as well. I feel I am inundated with all these accounts which I don’t actually want to follow. I guess it’s all about growing the IG community and I understand that but maybe if they just gave us a list of IG accounts to browse at our leisure, rather than me having to plough through all these extra accounts from bloggers who I am not following.

    What I’m trying to say is that when I receive the blogs, I prefer them to be just the person I am following.

    I hope I have explained this satisfactorily.

    Of course, yours is one of my absolute favourites. You do such beautiful work.

  4. I agree with Maureen. I’m a new follower and want to be very selective with the accounts I follow. I am buried daily with follow trains, giveaways and everyone sharing other pages or even the same pages. Everyone starts to look the same, so I start muting or deleting. I think in order to grow, accounts need to be unique, but sadly so many look the same.

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