AROUND THE HOUSE // The Magic Of Hollywood

Last year we did a photo shoot of our home with Williams-Sonoma Home. I was pretty excited as I was hoping they might decide to leave some of their “props” behind because that would be way cheaper than shipping everything back, right??? Wrong.

You can imagine my surprise when I opened my catalog a month later only to see that they changed the color of my house to gray! Plus they also changed the design of the back of my house!


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AROUND THE HOUSE // Raised Vegetable Beds + Tomato Trellis

raised vegetable bed MIY.JPG

Last spring I decided I wanted a serious vegetable garden. Unfortunately, we didn’t really have any empty flower beds that needed to be dug up and replanted. So I decided that we would build raised beds on the concrete driveway in our back yard. The sunlight was great and four planters would fit perfectly.

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A lot of us love the look of farmhouse decor. It’s simple. It’s relaxed. And a lot of it is about finding items that were once found in older homes or treasured by others before us. And the best part? You don’t have to live on a farm to style your home in this style. Farmhouse style is relaxed, focuses on the land and is based on you doing a lot of the things yourself! Which is one of the reasons why styling your house in farmhouse decor isn’t crazy expensive!

Here are five ways to add farmhouse charm to your home

one // S I M P L I F Y

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 6.35.35 PM


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