Let’s face it. Have you ever found yourself in the parking lot in front of Homegoods at 9:25 am waiting for them to open? Have you ever followed people into TJMaxx convinced they are heading to the “white dishes aisle” too? Or have you noticed that every recycled bag you own has a TJ Maxx logo on it?

If you can answer “yes” to all three of these questions then you are truly a Rae Dunn addict.

Rae Dunn Pottery Collection.JPG

I have no idea how Rae Dunn pottery became so popular but the buying frenzy surrounding these white pottery dishes with handwritten black letters on them reminds me a lot of the Beanie Baby craze in the late 1990’s. In both cases, women all over the country were lining up to buy a very inexpensive item that was high on demand and short in supply.

Trust me, I know all of this because I am right there with you. I love Rae Dunn Pottery. I read all of the “Rae Dunn B/S/T” group posts on Facebook and I check the Mercari app on my iphone daily to check the prices of the “hard to find” items.

Rae Dunn pottery (with the big letters) is currently sold primarily at HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Marshalls. There are a few products on the Magenta website but most of them are Rae’s other pottery designs (not the big letter ones). The supply has been way less than the demand and unfortunately, there are a lot of “shelf cleaners” who travel from store to store to buy all of the product and then resell. Sadly, a lot of these “resellers” have made arrangements with the stores where they can call and have all of the items held for them. They infiltrated the stores, got to know the employees and basically were able to buy the product before everyone else. Although there is a lot of Rae Dunn pottery available for purchase, there are way more buyers than inventory.

It seems that things are changing. Apparently corporate at TJMaxx is aware of the problem and they have told stores they are no longer allowed to respond to calls about their Rae Dunn inventory and also cannot hold product for anyone. It also seems there is a bit more inventory on the shelves.

Personally, I haven’t seen any of this. I have been really lucky and have found quite a bit of product on the shelves (hence the photo above). But I think I have been smart about my shopping and I am happy to share my tips with you.

S I X    T I P S    F O R    F I N D I N G    R A E    D U N N

  1. Follow the Rae Dunn Facebook groups so you are aware of what products are being released in the stores. That way you will know what to look for! When the flower pots first came out a lot of collectors were only looking in the dishes aisle and they missed them! When the office products were released the same thing happened.
  2. Talk to the people who work at your local store. They will tell you which days and times they receive shipments. This will help you to determine the best time to shop.
  3. Check for Rae Dunn in the store aisles but check more than once. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked right past canisters and flower pots!
  4. Check the merchandise carts for Rae Dunn. I have found at least half of my collection on the carts in the aisles!
  5. If you are looking for mugs, be aware most stores stock them in three to four different places. Check everywhere as you just might find them where you least expect it.
  6. Don’t just shop when the store opens. I have found some of my best items when stopping by a store in the afternoon. One time I happened to glance through the door to the stockroom. Sitting right there in plain view were two teapots on the shelf of an empty cart. I waited patiently and when a stock boy came out I nicely asked him if I could buy them. He happily loaded them into my cart. (In hindsight, I now realize that the two teapots were probably “on hold” for someone since they were sitting there all alone. Oh well, sorry about that!).

Good luck shopping. (And don’t forget to enter my weekly drawing for a Rae Dunn item!) I hope you don’t get frustrated if you can’t find what you are looking for. Keep trying and you just might find that unicorn!

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  1. This is YOUR RD?!?? SOOOOOO beautiful!!!!! I wish I had such luck finding items 🙁 being in the desert means very little to no merchandise. Nice Finds!!!! 😍

    1. Yes, it’s mine (and it doesn’t include what is in my kitchen!) I try yo drive by Homegoods and TJ Maxx whenever I can. It’s certainly hit and miss but the “hits” are well worth the effort!

  2. Thank you for this information. It is getting frustrating since I never can find anything anymore. All I really want is the tea Canister and the resellers are selling them at ridiculous prices that I can’t afford! Your collection is amazing!

  3. I love your collection! I have all of the Canisters. and glad my collection is now complete. It’s hard find but like you said don’t just go in the mornings. Last Thursday I found I woke up like this Mug at Tj Maxx after work. Just to think I paid $4.00 for my Mug last instead $15 onMercari . I am Dunn at this point and starting to enjoy my collection. Be patient and keep looking!

  4. I wished I could have half ur luck! I am at the point I feel defeated 😔 I’m learning patience with this collecting which I don’t have. But I love it and trying to understand and hope it will come to me one day 🙏🏼

    1. You just need to hang in there. It will happen. I promise. There are plenty of times I go there and there is nothing!!! But then another time I get lucky and it’s worth it.

  5. I just came across your IG today and I am so glad I did! Thank you for these tips!! I always go to tjmaxx/HG/Marshalls right when they open and the shelves are empty. Im clearly not giving them a chance to restock. I was laughing at your first paragraph I have totally seen other customers walking into tjmaxx with that “determined look” on their face and i tell myself “they are totally hunting for RD” come to find out they were just doing some normal shopping and I was totally letting the competitiveness in me come out for no reason at all!! Haha. Love these tips and love your collection. Thank you for sharing!

    1. This happened to me yesterday at Hone Goods. There was a guy waiting out front with me and when they opened we both went straight to the white dish aisle. But apparently he didn’t read my tips because he didn’t know to look for planters in the garden aisle (and he missed them)!!!

  6. Can I ask why you have so many cream, sugars, teapots and 2 coffee pots? Are you using your items or are they just for collecting? You have a great collection but it’s sad for those of us that can barely find a mug, let alone 3/4 of 1 of these items.

    1. Hi Kristin! I do use my Rae Dunn daily and I have been super fortunate to find a ton of Rae Dunn (often by traveling to different stores outside of my area and such). This is an older photo and so a lot of it I have given as gifts (my son’s girlfriend is on the Rae Dunn train too) and I have also had a series of giveaways on my Instagram. From hearing so many people’s stories on IG about how they can’t find any RD, I thought it would be fun to host giveaways and try to help others out by giving away a few pieces. That way, if Rae Dunn is just simply not in your area, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get your hands on your potential unicorn. Cream and Sugar were one of the giveaways I did- as well as a teapot. Thanks for reading!

  7. I too just started “trying” to find RD as well, I’ve not had any luck😔 it can get frustrating at times and I even call my tjmaxx and with anticipation hoping they come back saying YES, we DO have some available, but it’s always (it has been) a big NO WE’RE SORRY 😲 so it’s like a 20 minute drive to my tjmaxx store and bout 30 minutes to our needless to say it’s hard to be there when I want 😔 but I’m so hoping my luck will change… I do have SEVERAL (4) mugs in which I purchased online for WAY to much..but that was my craziness 😂 Thank you for all your information…. keep up the good work 😘
    Ps; I Love your page, I love looking at all your RD collection and Wish….😁🙈💖

    1. It’s so tough that there seems to be no rhyme or reason for why certain stores have a ton of it and others do not! Luckily, I hear the stores are cracking down on people buying it in bulk so hopefully that helps. I hope these tips find you well and be sure to check back to my Instagram periodically because I do occasionally do do giveaways! Thanks for reading!

  8. As a manager at one of the Hg locations I can confirm corporate has instructed everyone that we cannot indicate wether or not any has come in anymore. Things got very crazy with the resellers. They were hanging out outside our stockroom for 3 hours waiting for product. They would stare in the stockroom windows at each box being opened. To the point where we had some of our backroom workers threaten to quit because they felt like zoo animals on display. We had to tape up the windows so no one could see inside. Another store in our area had women with camping chairs set up outside their stockroom. Angry women that didn’t get first dibs or felt that it had been to long since the last shipment of Rae Dunn would call corporate accusing all of our employees and management staff of hoarding it and selling it online. These women are actually referred to as the “Rae Dunn mafia” from El Paso all the way to Georgia by the employees. The collection is very cute, but it has brought out the worst in a lot of shoppers. There are no full proof tricks or secrets. Each store runs their product a little different based on when their trucks are or when their kitchen coordinator is in, or what product/ dept needs to take priority. It is a complete crap shoot. Best of luck to everyone. And please, for the sake of the associates that are working hard to get the product out, and get you checked out at the register in a timely manner. Don’t call. We will not check the back, we are not allowed to say wether we have any. Even if we were. We cannot hold it. And by the time u make it in, it may very well already be gone. At our store RD has the shelf life of about 30 minutes max. It really is all about luck. Whoever happens to be there when we put it out.

    1. You’ve brought up so many great points, so thank you for commenting with this insight! I tried to emphasize in the post that the best way that I’ve found my RD is definitely luck but also persistence. You have to be committed to going to the stores often and just keeping your eyes peeled. It does make me so sad that it has brought out the worst in people… it is just clay after all!!! Even in the FB groups I keep hearing worse and worse resell stories and it makes me so mad. Thanks again for commenting!

  9. Hi I too am a newbie to the RD craze… I was gifted my first mug and love it beyond words. I have been searching Marshalls and TJ Maxx daily … And in my best behavior lol but have yet to find anything but small pet dishes ( in the pet aisle I might add). Today in Marshalls I was told that they were most likely discontinuing carrying the line….TJ Maxx & Homegoods included… Do you or any of your readers/followers know anything about this? I’m praying it can’t be true!!😢

  10. I too, am a Rae Dunn addict! 💘 Part of the fun is having to search for it (in my opinion). Just yesterday, my husband and I walked into TJ Maxx and they had an entire display of RD in the front of the store! And this was at 7pm! 😍 I literally found 5 of my different hard-to-find favorites! But the last 6 or 7 times I went in there before yesterday, I hadn’t seen one single piece besides cat bowls! Definitely ask associates when the truck usually comes in, and also ask when they usually try to get stuff on the shelf! The Marshalls I go to gets there truck at 4 and puts stuff out right away, but the TJ Maxx I like gets there truck in between 1 and 3 but they don’t put stuff out until the next morning! Happing Dunning, fellow addicts! 😉

    1. Thanks for sharing so many great tips. It seems like there might be a corporate push to put the Rae Dunn out at different times of the day so the shelf clearers can’t get it all in the morning. I am so happy you found so many great pieces!

  11. I had no idea this was a thing nor had any idea I owned anything Rae Dunn. But 4th of July weekend I went out of town with my family and found a box of cute mugs, hubby/wifey. They are adorable, even my husband loved them. Now I guess I own a hot item. Lol.

    1. That’s hilarious, Tami! One of my best girlfriends has a similar story where she got this Rae Dunn rock that’s been in her house for years and she had no idea it’s Rae Dunn! It’s a crazy world once you know about it.

  12. RD is nearly impossible to find where I live. Not to mention the workers hold it back for their favorite dunnies. But, my friend has found some awesome dunnies who have helped her find some for us

  13. Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks! I’ve just started my collection and it has been a very slow process of actually finding them in store. It’s ridiculous the prices they are charging for them on like ebay, etc

    1. I know! FB groups can also charge an outrageous price… I find it so much more satisfying to hunt and find some on my own anyways. Good luck on your collection… who knows! Maybe I’ll be able to add to it!

  14. Thank you so much for the great tips! I’m a new collector! I set a couple of rules for myself so my collecting doesn’t get out of hand! It’s hard because I love it all!!

  15. So many wonderful tips for finding RD!! I just recently started collecting…I mean like this week! I walked into Homegoods this past Sunday right before closing time and asked a very nice employee if she’d happen to see any Rae Dunn and she went to the back and brought out a cookies canister and sugar canister!!! I almost fainted! I’m obviously a little late in the Rae Dunn department but I’m excited to see what treasures I find!! Thanks 🙂

    1. WHAT A STORY! WOW! That’s incredible! There seems to be more of it rolling out and the “hunt” has lessened compared to a few months ago, so now’s a good time to start collecting!

  16. Hey I’m new to RD. I was curious how much canisters usually run at these places. I only see the coat flippers charge so I have no idea a good deal from a bad.

  17. Tip ;do not go into the stock room . Another Tip :hold items are not allowed to be left in the stock room on a cart . It’s a company policy if you see it , they are breaking policy. Please do not help yourself to the merchandise carts you could get hurt ! It’s not appropriate . Ask an associate to look for you. We are happy to assist . We do not hold Rae Dunn.First come first serve is fair. Ps we get a truck everyday sometimes Saturday and during the holidays Sunday too!

    1. Awesome. You are so nice to share these additional tips. Last time I was in Home Goods I witnessed a very ugly fight over a Rae Dunn canister. Are you kidding me? I just can’t believe some people. So sorry you have to deal with this!

  18. Are there different sizes in the canisters? I found some that someone was selling on instagram but they are so small. I’m really disappointed as I spent quite a bit for them.

    1. The coffee and flour canister are the largest. Then the tea canister is the next largest. The sugar one is pretty small. I wish she made it larger! But each canister only comes in one size.

  19. I’m an associate at tjmaxx. We try to gradually stick our Rae Dunn in order to stop the bulk buyers who just resell. I would definitely check around the holiday season as our stores get more merchandise around this time.

    1. That makes me so happy! I hate even coming at opening because there are some cut throat shoppers. I even saw a fight break out once. Seriously?? I missed all of the Halloween and thanksgiving items. Hoping to find some Christmas items!

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