TWENTY THURSDAYS TILL CHRISTMAS // Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments


8b2b1c47-6884-4894-863a-06073c213f83-1I have always loved handmade Christmas ornaments. When you see my tree in December you will see how many I own!

I thought it would be fun to make some ornaments this year featuring some of my favorite farmhouses on Instagram. The first home I used for an ornament is the SheShed that belongs to @cottonstem. (And I will send this to you Erin!)

This is a very easy DIY and you can make some of these yourselves.

W H A T    Y O U ‘ L L    N E E D:

  • Wooden craft sticks
  • Wooden drink stirrers (taken from Starbucks with permission)
  • Craft glue
  • Cardboard
  • Paint
  • Exacto knife and scissors
  • String


S T E P    B Y    S T E P: 

STEP  #1 

Print out small photos of the house you would like to use for the ornament. Cut the ornament out of cardboard.e8454c55-6936-4c20-b450-1b02dc90b0f6

STEP  #2

Using the wooden sticks, cut the wood to fill in the design of the home.1de50a43-2da1-4025-a5ed-f1203d74550f

STEP  #3

Try to use the wooden sticks to enhance the details of the home.e64fd3ef-a4b3-4c9d-9118-50674c2f18b8

STEP  #4

Next, paint all of the wooden pieces to match the home and glue them on to the cardboard.



STEP  #5

I also made an ornament for the home owned by @thefauxmartha. (I am sending you this one Melissa!)



STEP  #6

And of course, I made one for myself featuring @the100yearoldhome!


Won’t these look great on the trees in these homes!

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