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scrabble tiles in jar

A few weeks ago I bought two bags of scrabble tiles at the Ventura Antique Flea Market (they were $4 each). I have already had so much fun playing with these around the house and my husband keeps laughing at all of the messages I have been leaving for him. It feels a little bit like texting but it’s a lot more fun.

scrabble tiles as place cards

One of my favorite things about using scrabble tiles is that they have so many functions! From leaving sweet notes to using them as place cards, the options are endless. When I had a dinner party last week, I used these scrabble tiles as place cards which were a huge hit! (Just be careful that you don’t invite too many guests with the letters x and z as there are only one in a set. Fortunately, I have four sets of tiles so I can invite our friends Zach, Zane, Alex, Max, Jaxson and Zander to the same party.) 

sweet notes for hubby

You can also leave inspirational messages by the front door when your husband has a big presentation for a new client.

Scrabble tiles on Rae Dunn trinkets

Or celebrate that it’s Friday!

I just wonder how long it will be before my sweetie leaves a message for me!

P.S. How cute is my “Saeta Party of 5” sign from The Painted Nest?! I LOVE it!


Scrabble Tiles


Venture Antique Flea Market

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