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Today I am celebrating some wonderful personalized gifts. I found twenty gifts, which includes my favorite, entertaining, recipes, pets, and Christmas decor.

Personalized Gift Ideas cookie ccutter

I love personalized gifts. Why? Because they are the best gifts ever. They are thoughtful and show that you took the time to find the perfect gift. Personalized gifts can be serious, thoughtful, or funny, and yet they really are the best gifts.

If you have missed it, today is Day Seven of the Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas. My dear friend KariAnne @ Thistlewood and I are sharing Twenty ways you can get ready for the holidays and today we are sharing our Personalized Gift Ideas. (And by the way, I hope it’s ok if I include more than twenty.)

Personalized Gift Ideas for Christmas 

Bottle Brush Tree
Today I am celebrating some wonderful personalized gifts. I found twenty gifts, which includes my favorite, entertaining, recipes, pets, and Christmas decor.

There are a gazillion personalized gift ideas on Etsy. You can only imagine how hard it was to pick only twenty. Oh wait, I picked more than twenty. Oops.

I searched and asked around and narrowed the list and finally, I am pleased to share some of my favorite personalized gift ideas. Some of the photos are mine (I own a few of these items) and I hope you like them as much as I do.

Christmas Themed Personalized Gifts

I love this advent calendar. It is simple and fun and would look great in any home. 

Advent Calendar

If you are looking for an advent calendar, this link will take you to all of the wonderful advent calendars on Etsy. 

I love these Starbucks personalized cups. Charlotte, my daughter-in-law makes them, and they have your name on them too.

Starbucks Personalized Cup

I think we all need a bit of humor this year and I found a lot of funny Christmas tree ornaments for 2020. I am definitely going to order one of these ornaments. Which one do you like best?

This one is adorable.

Ideas for Personalized Gifts 2020 Family Ornament

Entertaining and Baking

You all know how much I love to entertain and I cannot believe how many amazing items I found for baking and entertaining. 

This personalized casserole dish was a gift I received last year from my daughter in law Charlotte. I cried when I opened it because it has my mom’s recipe for the Sausage Casserole that my four siblings and I always serve on Christmas morning. This gift was so thoughtful and perfect and I am so excited to share it with you!

Today I am celebrating some wonderful personalized gifts. I found twenty gifts, which includes my favorite, entertaining, recipes, pets, and Christmas decor.

I love to bake and a few years ago I ordered this rolling pin that says “my 100 Year Old Home”. It makes the cutest cookies!

I also have a personalized cookie cutter that was custom made to look like our home! Isn’t it amazing? 

How cute are these cookies? That really is our home!

There are a lot of personalized wood items and this Lazy Susan made out of old wood is amazing. You can personalize anything on it and I think it would look awesome in my home!

Charcuterie Board

I love this charcuterie board and think it would make the greatest gift. 

Charcuterie Board


Finding gifts for pets is a fun job and I know our dog Sport would like any and all of these items. 

I love this pet toy basket and it is so cute with the photo of your pet on the front. I use a vintage wooden soda crate and I just have one issue with it. Sport knows how to take out the toys but I would love to teach him how to put them back!

Ideas for Personalized Gifts Dog Toy Basket

There are so many Christmas pet ornaments and if you want to find a special one just go here. I want to order one for Sport, but there are so many and I can’t decide!

Special Gifts

I think this might be my favorite personalized gift idea in this whole collection. This custom blanket and bow with the baby’s name on it is the cutest thing ever! If anyone I know has a baby, this will be my new baby gift. It is the cutest. 

Best Baby Gift

I also love these pillows. Why have I not made a pillow with our family names on it? This is so cute.

Ideas for Personalized Gifts Family Pillow

Lastly, I thought I would share some personalized note cards. It’s kind of sad that letter writing is such a rare event these days. If there is one thing I would like to do next year, it is to take the time to send a note to those who I would like to thank. When I compare handwriting a note to sending a text or email, well, there is no comparison. 

Note Cards

I hope you enjoyed all of these wonderful personalized gift ideas. I am excited to get a jump start on my shopping.

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  1. I love all your gift ideas so much, especially the idea of printing a recipe on the casserole.What a unique and personal gift for any time of year. Perfect for a bride to be.
    I thought I saw a pine cone wreath on your site recently and would love to see how you made that. Probably something a little more for spring that I probably need to start pretty soon.
    Thank you

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