The Provence Antique Market

Today we went to our first large Provence Antique Market. We found lots of wonderful items and I found lots of linens and my new favorite item!

We had a wonderful day at the Villeneuve-Les-Avignon flea market. It was similar to many of the flea markets I have attended back home but it was a little harder to negotiate as I sadly don’t speak french!

Provence Antique Market
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The Provence Antique Market

Provence Antique Market

You all know how much I love to shop at a vintage flea market. I always joke that it’s my favorite way to get some exercise because I usually walk non-stop for about three hours! Today was very similar.

Provence Antique Market

There were a lot of vendors at the market. The items for sale were varied but there were a lot of linens and art and ironstone and more.

Provence Antique Market

The prices were good. In fact, I thought they were quite similar to what I might find at a flea market back home. Except that everything was French, of course!

How to Shop the Provence Flea Market

Provence Antique Market

The market wasn’t as big as many of the ones at home so I was able to make a quick loop all the way around while looking for any one-of-a-kind items I couldn’t live without. I also had a chance to check some prices to get a feel for the cost of items such as ironstone and linens.

Are the prices negotiable? Yes. You just need to be polite and don’t insult a seller. If something is priced at €30, don’t offer them €15. You might suggest €27 or €25.

I was pretty bad at negotiating because my French is so bad that I don’t even know the numbers. So anytime a price was quoted I literally had no idea what they were saying. Most often the seller would pull out euro and show me how many I needed for the price. So that was very helpful.

Also, cash is pretty much what you need at all of the markets here in Provece. So a visit to the ATM is essential.

Here are some of my favorite booths and items I saw.

I am going to share my purchases at the end of this post because I bought some things at a Vintage Fabric Shop and a shop in Sorgue.

Our Favorite French Inspired Finds!

Comfortable Shoes and Market Baskets are a Must for a Flea Market Day!

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The Vintage Fabric Shop

Provence Antique Market

Tracey from French Larkspur took us to a vintage fabric shop which I absolutely adored. I wanted to find some linens for gifts and some fabrics to make pillows for the beach house.

I think I have a new addiction … finding embroidered linens with the initials of people I adore.

I bought the ones in the photo above for gifts. And yes, the initials are of people I adore!

Provence Antique Market

Their selection was incredible.

Provence Antique Market

I found some wonderful ticking fabrics in sage green and tan. The colors are kind of hard to see in this photo but these fabrics are amazing. I bought enough fabric to make about 12 pillows for the beach house and I cannot wait to make them!

Of course, I will share them when I get around to doing that!

Provence Antique Market Sage Green and Tan Linens

Here is an assortment of the linens I bought. I am going to be making some bags like the ones Tracey hangs on our doors in the morning (filled with fresh croissants)! Most of these linens will be used to make the bags.

Provence Antique Market Linens

Here is what Tracey’s bags look like. I can’t wait to make my own for the beach house. If you end up staying at our beach house you will likely find one of these bags filled with goodies on your bedroom door when you arrive!

Provence Antique Market Bags from Linens

I found these wonderful vintage metal hooks that I am going to use at the beach house as well. I think they will be in the bedrooms and bathrooms for the new robes I am ordering.

Provence Antique Market Vintage Hooks

My Favorite Purchase Today

Provence Antique Market Lavendar Tray and Linens

There is no doubt that all of the lavender fields we have visited this week are affecting my purchases. The minute I found this lavender ironstone serving platter I knew I had to bring it home. I had already found the lavender ticking fabric earlier in the day (it’s underneath the platter!) and I cannot believe how well these two items go together.

Isn’t that serving platter gorgeous?

Here are some photos of the antique shop we visited after lunch.

I do have some news on the chandelier I have been wanting to buy for our beach house. I found a beautiful chandelier yesterday at the same store where I found the napkins with my initials.

I loved it but wasn’t sure if it was the one. After shopping today and seeing a lot of chandeliers, I knew it was the one! So the owner is bringing it to the flea market we are attending tomorrow and I am so excited!

And yes, we are off to another large flea market tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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Provence Antique Market

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  1. HI Leslie,
    What an amazing trip. What are the logistics to get everything back to the states? I know we were outside of Florence we shipped a ton of wine and balsalmic etc, but it shipped from the shop.
    We have a trip to the cape with friends and if we all survive traveling together for a week we plan to take it abroad! Have a great trip!
    Laura in Colorado

  2. This has been such fun, joining you virtually on your weeklong trip to Provence! This is an addition to my Bucket List!!! Thank you!

  3. Loving following along on your trip. And your purchases. Glad you are enjoying your holiday. Makes me want to go even more.

  4. The lovely platter and monogrammed linens are really beautiful! The fabric is nice. What a special gift for someone you care about. You are such a giver-already thinking of others. So glad you are having fun and sharing with us your adventure!

  5. What a fabulous idea for the linen bags. I have linens inherited from family. I think I might try this out!

  6. I’ve adored your posts from France. What a delight to find the treasures you have found and even more delightful – the opportunity to find just the right place for them in your homes.

  7. I am having the best time traveling with you and so look forward to your posts! I, too, have a big box full of inherited linens that have been in storage for years. Most are stained and discolored but I would never part with them. A few years ago, I framed a few of the more intricate pieces for my husband’s siblings for Christmas. When you make the bags, can you share how you do it? I would love to make some!

  8. The lavender serving platter is stunning! Great find! That would be one piece that I’d hand carry home! Looks like you’re having a blast! French linens are the best!

  9. This is simply the best!! Almost feel your excitement over every purchase!! So happy you’ve found so many great treasures!! Enjoy every minute of your fabulous trip!

  10. I love when we have an idea in mind when shopping these types of vintage markets and shops . It makes it so much fun . The bag idea using linens is fantastic !
    Years ago my mom and a close friend of ours … she is halfway in age between us and friends of both of us ….. would shop vintage / antique stores on fun day trips and we would search for silverware with initials engraved that matched friends and family . It was always fun to use them when we entertained and match them to our guests. Plus many ended up as gifts too!

  11. I would so loved to have visited the French flea markets during my time in Provence.
    We were on an art tour visiting where all the masters lived and painted.

  12. Enjoying following along with you on the trip. I also would like you to show
    how the bags are made as would like to do with some of my vintage linens.
    Looking forward to seeing more finds. Enjoy the trip.

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