My Waco Trip and the Reveal of the Fixer Upper

Buying a Fixer Upper

I have been in Waco for three days and I am having a blast. I am also exhausted but in a good way. We have purchased a fixer upper home in Waco, Texas. We are not moving. Instead, I am going to remodel the home, furnish it and rent it on Airbnb. I have been really nervous about the home because I hadn’t actually seen the inside. I know, it sounds dumb, but I did see the outside. And I “kind of” saw the inside via face time with my realtor. So I have been really worried that I would hate the home or that it would have some horrible flaw or that I wouldn’t be able to fix it up.

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An Update on our Waco Fixer Upper Home

A lot has been happening with our fixer upper home in Waco. We are still in escrow so I am not going to show any photos yet. I can tell you we bought a double lot with a small house (and room for another if we are really brave). The home was built in 1910 and yes, it is another one-hundred-year-old home.

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