Around the House at My 100 Year Old Home – Week Four

Welcome to Around the House at My 100 Year Old Home. This is new a weekly update I share every Saturday about what is going on at My 100 Year Old Home.

Waco Airbnb Master Bedroom

Welcome Inside My 100 Year Old Home

It’s been such a busy week and I feel like lots of projects are finally winding down. I also did a lot of Valentine’s Day Crafts. That makes me so happy.

By far the most exciting thing that happened this week was that our home in Waco officially listed on Airbnb. To clarify, listing a home on Airbnb is the easy part. Getting the city permit is a lot harder. Our home is on a double lot (which is awesome) and at the last minute we had to go through a few hurdles to “tie the lots together”. And I mean legally, not figuratively. If it sounds crazy, it is. I am just so glad my husband is in commercial real estate so he could attempt to explain it to me. 

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