Around the House – Week Thirteen

Welcome To Around The House At My 100 Year Old Home. This Is A Weekly Update I Share Every Saturday About What Is Going On At My 100 Year Old Home.

the waco airbnb front bedroom

Welcome Inside My 100 Year Old Home

It’s been a very surreal week. So much is happening in the world and we are all focused on it. While we are at home and staying safe, the silver lining is that we get to enjoy being at home with our families. 

I have been at our home in Ventura for 14 days now and if you want an explanation as to why I am here you can read this Instagram post. While it’s been very lonely, the beach has provided lots of relaxation and walks looking for sea glass. 

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Easy Elegance Wednesday – Spring Garden Party

I Am So Excited To Share With You Easy Elegance Wednesdays, Where We Celebrate Simple Elegant Decor. Today I Am Sharing How I created a DIY Spring Garden Party.

Spring Garden Party

Garden parties are the best. Now I know that you probably aren’t thinking about hosting any parties right now, but this might be a fun idea to do with your family. I also made both the ruffled placemat and the sage green charger. So if you are looking for a few fun crafts you might want to check out my DIY Spring Garden Party.

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My Spring DIY Garden Party

I loved creating this DIY Spring Garden Party in our backyard. We had such a fun evening and I can’t wait to share how You Can Host a Dinner Like this too!

Spring Garden Party

Today I am thrilled to share a spring garden party that I hosted in our backyard. I made the chargers and placemats and can’t wait to share my DIYs with you!

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