FIND OF THE WEEK // Chalkboard Stencils

I just realized I should probably do a new blog post on collecting chalkboards. If you walk around my house I think you would be shocked to see how many I have hanging on my walls. Technically I think I have another collection … chalkboards (you can see when I’ve posted about them here, here and here). Big surprise.

The problem is … what do I put on them? I love writing funny things and messages but I don’t love my handwriting. Fortunately, I came up with a solution.


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FIND OF THE WEEK // Chalkboard Menu Board and Place Cards

chalkboard menu with flowers

One of my favorite online stores is Save On Crafts. They promote their site as a great resource for weddings but it is also great for home decor, crafts, and faux flowers. I discovered this site last fall while searching for the chalkboard menu board I saw in the kitchen of the Magnolia House in Waco, Tx. I stayed there twice last year and by the second visit, I knew I had to have one!

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