Twenty Thursdays ‘Till Christmas // Frozen Vodka

a23119f0-8d34-4afc-a3f3-e3542833a7aeOriginally I was planning on showing you in September how wonderful this frozen vodka looked with cranberries. But just so you know, there is no place in Southern California where you can buy fresh cranberries in September. Trust me, I tried everywhere!

So this post, which was originally written in September, is now going live in October. Fortunately, I found the cranberries at the flower mart last weekend. And yes, I am as surprised as you are that I found fresh bagged cranberries at the flower mart!

First, let me share with you a little bit about our annual holiday party. Thirty-one years ago when Dave and I were married, we hosted our first Christmas party. At that time we invited about forty people and I cooked all of the food. Fast forward thirty years, and we now invite over 250 people and I am still cooking all of the food. I am sure you are wondering how I pull this off and stay sane over the holidays. But no worries, I promise I will take you on this “highly organized, color-coded spreadsheet cooking journey” beginning in late November. It will be fun, I promise.

Anyway, in 1982 Martha Stewart released her first “Entertaining Book” and it changed my life. Now I realize many of you who are reading this weren’t even born yet but trust me, in 1982 it was the most beautiful and creative book I had ever seen. One of my favorite ideas she had in the book was freezing vodka in milk cartons. And since her book was published 35 years ago, the idea is practically vintage, right?


For the last thirty years, I have served the frozen vodka at our holiday party, exactly like Martha taught me in her book “Entertaining”. I am thrilled to be able to pass her idea on to you.

To start off with, you only need a few things. If you are smart you will buy milk cartons early and save them when they are empty. Usually, I forget to save them and end up buying the cheapest drink sold at the grocery store in a carton. Hence, that is why I am using Fruit Punch cartons.

d441ff02-9343-466f-9543-a4255026911eFirst, cut the top portion off of the carton.7aaffe95-c1f8-48a0-943e-cc81fd549b4fNext, insert the vodka bottle and add anything you want. I usually use Christmas greens, cranberries or a poinsettia plant.8057a558-0d5f-48c8-8d4b-8c1f27cc105f47ebe212-0a4b-4169-948c-c6132af91261I like to use flavored vodka and I like to add lemon or orange slices to match the flavor!

Fill with water all the way to the top of the carton. Make sure the vodka bottle is facing front in the carton. Place in the freezer overnight.

Peel off the carton when you are ready to use.c6a26515-77e0-48f0-b832-af66f265cbc1bcf07642-f7df-4c63-b7bf-70534f14093fPlace in a pan (because the ice will melt!) and add greens and candles for display.85b433f8-9eb4-4078-858a-1a9240c88f9fWhen ready to serve, tie a napkin around the base for easier handling.a23119f0-8d34-4afc-a3f3-e3542833a7ae

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5 thoughts on “Twenty Thursdays ‘Till Christmas // Frozen Vodka

  1. I also purchased Martha Stewart’s first book, which I still have, as well as some of her early newsletters. I forgot about this entertaining gem so thank you for refreshing my memory. I am looking forward to your post about Christmas entertaining since I can’t fathom hosting 250 people! I wish I had a fraction of your energy!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You know you can just throw a bag of cranberries in the freezer and use them anytime. We get them from the cranberry festival and use the food saver bags and they are good for over a year.

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