The Best Pink Carnations Valentine Gift


Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to share the love with everyone. So why not give pink carnations to everyone you see all day long?

My favorite thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to give everyone I see a flower! I found these beautiful pink carnations at the Los Angeles Flower Market and I will be giving them to anyone who comes to our door. I also will take some with me everywhere I go to share the love on Valentine’s Day.

Pink Carnations Gift

Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day

Pink Carnations Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love. The exact origins of Valentine’s Day are unknown and a bit mysterious and murky. Some of the theories involve, a saint, an emperor, prison, a pagan festival, and the beginning of a bird’s mating season.

The oldest known valentine was a poem, written by Charles, the Duke of Orleans. He wrote the poem in 1415 while in prison (see previous murky origins).

Valentine’s Day has certainly become commercialized over the years. According to the Greeting Card Association, it is estimated that 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year. That makes Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year, second only to Christmas.

These beautiful pink carnations that you see above are not for me.


Because I am going to give them all away.

Pink Carnation Flowers

I am so blessed with a loving family and friends

But I know that for some, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult day. It can be a day that can remind them of a love that is no longer a part of their life or it can be a sad reminder of being alone.

We can all make a difference in someone’s life with a small gesture and Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to share a smile, say hello, and engage with someone that you don’t know in a random act of kindness.

I have recently rediscovered pink carnations. I used to associate them with Valentine’s Day when I was in high school. Carnations were sold and delivered during class on Valentine’s Day and were such a sweet surprise. My memory of carnations was the cinnamony smell and that they seem to last forever.

The Best Pink Carnation Valetine Gift

While on a trip to the Los Angeles Flower Market early last year, I saw some flowers that I thought were carnations. But they were really ruffly and looked almost like a small peony. They didn’t look anything like the high school Valentine flower I had in my memory.

I did a little research and discovered that there are over 300 species of carnations. The ones I had discovered at the flower mart are called Double Dianthus. They are double carnations, just like double roses, which explains why they are so ruffly and peony-like.

During my research on carnations, I also learned that a pink carnation means gratitude. A beautiful flower that means gratitude got me thinking. On Valentine’s Day, I am going to give pink carnations to everyone I possibly can. This includes anyone who comes to my door and anyone I see throughout the day.

Will you join me?

The Best Pink Carnation Valetine Gift

We likely will never know when a small gesture that we make means the world to someone else.

While you don’t have to give everyone a pink carnation on Valentine’s Day, you could simply offer a smile. You never know when you are the person who changed someone’s day for the better!

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  1. What a great idea!! I love carnations. I also LOOOVE the flower market and wish I would go more often. Happy Valentines Day Leslie, I am grateful to you; for all your wonderful ideas, crafts, recipes and the hard work you put into what you share.

  2. So thoughtful of you to do a kind gesture for someone….love the colours I see here . Carnations are a pretty flower…so many colours I have the mini dianthus in a pot in the colours of white with deep red centre…and a light red colour. They do last long when you put the flowers in a vase.. I mix a few roses with them.

  3. I’m copying on a smaller level. Starting at church on Sunday reminding that god loves each of us
    Monday I’ll give out the rest
    Thank you for a great idea that has made me smile all day
    Wish I lived close enough to knock on your door.

  4. Oh how I love this idea!!!! And oh how I wish there was a fresh flower market near us!! I’ll be researching our area for what’s available!! Always so inspiring and thoughtful, Leslie!! 💗

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