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halloween table decorations

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Halloween is a crazy time in our town. We get lots of trick-or-treaters (600+) and costumes and porch decorations are a really big deal. So how could it possibly be that I have never decorated the inside of our home for Halloween? Well, that has finally changed! Today I have made up for many years of neglecting our home on Halloween. I created Halloween table decorations for a dinner party I am hosting for my girlfriends. And I love them!

Making Halloween table decorations was so much fun. I can’t even begin to tell you how great it was to create a table in a black and white theme! All of the Halloween decor and craft items for my DIY’s are from JOANN. Every single project is easy (I promise!).

The pumpkins are made with paint and duck tape. The chargers are wood painted with chalkboard paint. The cookies are a basic sugar cookie and royal icing recipe. And all of the decor was purchased with coupons at JOANN.

halloween table decor

Making Duck Tape Pumpkins

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my duck tape pumpkins.

pumpkins halloween table decorations

The complete tutorial to make these duck tape pumpkins can be found on the JOANN app. But here are a few photos to show you how easy they are to make. I used paper mache short pumpkins, tall pumpkins, and small pumpkins. I also used thin and thick widths of duck tape in black and white. 

duck tape halloween pumpkins decor

I also painted some of the pumpkins with chalk paint and used duck tape to create the accents. The most important tool I used to make these was my Fiskars craft knife. It was really helpful to cut the tape.

Aren’t these wonderful?

halloween duck tape pumpkins

Making Chalkboard Chargers

I also made my own charger plates. I bought six rectangle wood pieces and painted them with chalkboard paint.


halloween table decor chalkboard chargers

I thought it would be fun to use the chargers to write the names for “placecards” and add some “Halloween Favorites” so that each person could share their answers during dinner. These chalk markers were perfect to write with.

halloween table decor chalkboard markers

These were so easy to make and I will use them again for sure! 

Do you know the best thing to use to clean a chalkboard? A Mr. Clean magic eraser!

halloween table decor chalkboard napkin rings

Making Napkin Rings

I purchased some wood cutouts to make my own napkin rings. There are so many cute Halloween cutouts. The raffia was left over from last month!

halloween table decor chalkboard wine charms

Making Wine Charms

I also bought the smaller wood cutouts and some earring hoops to make wine glass charms. Aren’t these adorable?

halloween table decoationsr chalkboard wine charms halloween table decorations chalkboard wine charms

Making the Cookies

I also wanted to make a Halloween dessert and I decided to make Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing. I found some great cookie cutters and some cake decorating tips, icing bags, coupler, and coloring. I make sugar cookies all of the time. But my decorating usually consists of spreading buttercream frosting on the cookie. I decided it was time I tried to frost them with Royal Icing.

Halloween cookie cutters

First I made the sugar cookies. This set includes Halloween and also fall cookie cutter shapes. I chose pumpkins, bats, cats, and candy corn shapes.

Halloween cookies

Then I made the Royal Icing. It is a lot thinner than buttercream frosting but it works very well.

Halloween cookies royal icing

The first thing you do is outline the cookie with frosting. Then you fill inside the outline with frosting and shake the cookie so that it fills in evenly.

Halloween cookies royal icing decorating

I know these aren’t perfect but I love how they came out. I think the frosting was a bit too thick. I am sure they will look better on my next attempt!

Halloween cookies with royal icing

Setting the Table

About a year ago I hung a vintage ladder above our family room dining table and hung three white wood chandeliers. This gave me a perfect way to hang some fun lights and ornaments. The first thing I did was hang the lights. I used one of my white tablecloths on the table.

halloween table decor

I found two large spider webs and placed them on top of the tablecloth. They fit perfectly! Then I added my white wood candlesticks.

halloween table with spider web

I bought three boxes of Halloween ornaments. I decided to only use the black ones. I tied a 45″ piece of string to each ornament.

halloween decor ornaments

And then I hung the ornaments from the ladder too. Next, I placed my black and white pumpkins on the table as my centerpiece.

halloween decor

I set the table with the chargers.  I used my vintage black and white china plates and my sterling silver. They are my favorite and I can’t believe how great they look with this fun decor! The orange raffia was left over from the fabric pumpkins I made last month.

I also bought some Fab Lab craft vials. Originally I was going to also hang them from the ladder but I decided they would look better on the table.

halloween decor fab lab vials

So I filled them with candy and placed them on the table.

halloween decor

The table is finished. Can I just tell you how much I love my Halloween Table Decorations? 

 halloween table decor  halloween table decor pumpkins duck tale halloween table setting decor

I am thinking this will be a new Halloween tradition in our home!

halloween table setting decor

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