How to Make a Heart Garland

heart garland

Even though I have made a lot of Valentine crafts this year, I still like simple decor. So far this season I made hand stitched hearts, a succulent heart wreath, silver metallic clay hearts, and a Valentine wooden flower crate (covered in paper napkins). I like subtle decor that offers a slight hint of the holiday. I like a light touch of holiday decor and today’s craft is exactly that. Today I am sharing a simple Valentine Heart garland that I made out of scrapbook paper. I love how it looks on my vintage white windows. And it was incredibly easy (as in no cutting!) because I used a hole punch.

valentine heart garland

What You Will Need to Make the Heart Garland

Four sheets of 12″ x 12″ double-sided light card stock patterned paper. (I bought a pad of paper and used this paper.)

Large Heart Punch (I ordered two and this one was finally the right size.)

Sewing machine

White thread

paper heart garland

How to Make the Garland

To make the garland, you need to cut out two hearts of the double-sided heavy duty paper for each heart on the garland. 

heart garland for valentines day

Here are the two different sides of the paper I used. 

heart garland 2

Using the heart hole punch, cut out as many hearts out of the paper as you can.

heart garland paper punch heart garland 3

Keep the hearts flat until they are sewn.

heart garland 4

Stack two hearts on top of one another, with the light color on the inside, and sew a straight line through the middle of the heart. 

heart garland 5

This was the point where I could not figure out how to add an even amount of thread between each heart on the garland. I finally realized all I needed to do was pull the heart all the way to the back of the sewing machine, which added about two to three inches of thread. Add another two hearts and sew, then pull to the back of the machine. 

heart garland 6

Keep adding more hearts to the garland and continue sewing until you reach the desired length.

Fold each heart along the seam away from the center.

heart garland 7 heart garland 8

This will give more depth to the garland. I love it!

heart garland 9

At this point, it is really important not to tangle the garland. I made the mistake of doing that and had to cut the garland in a few pieces because I could not untangle it. To fix it, I just re-sewed the hearts and attached them to the existing garland. It was so easy to fix!

heart garland 10

I love the subtlety of this garland. It’s light and airy and yet it looks great on my old vintage windows.

heart garland 12

I am going to make another garland because I like this so much. There are so many places I can hang these in our home. And how fun would it be to make these all year round for the holidays? When I take this down, I want to reuse it so I will wrap it around a piece of cardboard to keep it from tangling.

heart garland 13

Thanks so much for following along. If you don’t have a sewing machine you could always glue the seam along the center to a piece of twine or string. A hot glur gun would work really well and I think it could be just as effective!

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  1. This is so cute!! I cannot wait to try as I have a heart cut out and lots of decorative paper!!! Fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so lovely – did you use thicker heavy duty thread? I want to make this with my 10 year old granddaughter 😊❤️

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