Happy 20th Birthday to Our Kitchen!

It is hard to believe our kitchen is twenty years old!  We have enjoyed our kitchen over the years and it is the nucleus of our home.

Kitchen in our Home

Today is the day!  It’s the 20th birthday of our kitchen!

We are celebrating today because I think our kitchen has aged so well. She does not look even close to twenty!

Happy Twentieth Birthday to Our Kitchen

I get. asked all of the time. why I picked a white kitchen. If anything, I think a white kitchen is a safe choice. Twenty years ago when I picked this style, the “popular kitchens” had dark cupboards with dark green granite. They were so popular! But I held firm because I wanted a classic kitchen that could have been built in our house over 100 years ago.

Happy 20tth Birthday to Our Kitchen

The kitchen is the nucleus of our home and I am most creative when I am cooking and entertaining.

The windows are original and the cabinets and island were all custom made. All of the cabinets and trim are painted Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee. The walls are painted with Farrow and Ball Cooking Apple Green paint.

We have two sinks and the large farmhouse sink is located on the back wall which overlooks our backyard. The. countertops are honed marble and the drawer pulls and knobs were from Restoration Hardware. The floors. are oak and were stained to match the rest of our floors.

So what has changed in our kitchen over the last twenty years? Practically nothing.

We replaced a dishwasher and the instant hot dispenser a few years ago. We have touched up the paint a few times and changed the canisters and some of the decor. But that is it!

Decorating the Kitchen

Over the years I have decorated our kitchen through the seasons.

Organizing the Kitchen

I have also done a bit of organizing these past few years.

Cooking in the Kitchen

I love to cook and a lot of good recipes have been made in our kitchen.

My Favorite Recipes From our Kitchen

Thanks for celebrating our kitchen today! I can only hope she looks this good in another twenty years!

11 Responses

  1. Classic and beautiful. It will never go out of style. Both of my grandma’s had white kitchens back in the 60’s.
    Can I just add….EVERYONE …try the salmon with avocado. It is soooo good!

  2. I agree a classic white kitchen will always stand the test of time. Yours looks as if you recently had it done. I wished you posted pictures of your original kitchen just for comparison.

  3. I redid my parents ‘ kitchen when I inherited the house. The company I hired said they were so well built that he hated to tear them out so I had them refaced and new drawers & doors with bead board inserts all in white. I’m very happy. Always looks clean! Love your island.

  4. I love your kitchen. I too have a white kitchen and feel it will always be timeless.
    I wish to inquire about the aprons hanging on the cabinets, in the picture about fall styling. Did you make them? If so, where did you get the pattern?
    I have been watching videos from Patina Farm and notice “Mrs. Patina” wears a cross-back apron. I love that style!

  5. I love your kitchen. I actually am getting ready for a kitchen renovation and am stressing over all of it!!! I want white cabinets and then I want med to dark. And how on earth do you pick flooring that you will like for 20 years!!!! I am so overwhelmed. The house is in a seaside town in New Jersey. Kitchen walls are white and will stay white..window treatments are plantation shutters. HELP!!!!!!!

    1. It can be so overwhelming, but so worth it in the end. Go with what you love, trends will come and go but what you love will last! Good luck, friend.

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