From Coffee to Flowers // The Butler’s Pantry Transformation

Remember a few weeks ago when it was National Coffee Day? Well, that was the day I decided to get rid of the coffee station in my Butler’s Pantry. Why?

Because I replaced it with a flower arranging station.

Before you think I am crazy, let me explain.

I love coffee. I really do. And any morning I don’t get to enjoy my morning coffee at home, with my daily Sudoku puzzle in hand, is usually the start of a bad day. Many of you have seen the gorgeous Italian copper latte machine that my husband gave me twenty years ago. The only problem is it doesn’t work. And it hasn’t worked for about ten years. (I do need to admit that it apparently needs a minor fix and I did find a place in Los Angeles where I can get it fixed. My bad.)

Also, my husband rarely drinks coffee, so I don’t want to make a full pot. I don’t own a Keurig machine because I like to make a large cup of coffee and my mug won’t fit under the spout. So here is what I do every morning to make coffee. I grab a Rae Dunn mug (based on my mood of the morning), open up one Starbuck’s Via Instant coffee packet and add hot water from my instant-hot faucet. The total time to do this takes less than a minute.


So why do I need an entire coffee station to make a cup of coffee in less than a minute?

Hence, my brilliant idea for my flower arranging station.


I love flowers. And as Monet said, “I must have flowers always and always”. But the “arranging the flowers“ part has never been my favorite thing to do because of how it always disrupts my kitchen. So I now have the perfect place to arrange my flowers. I have a large countertop with a hundred-year-old working sink, with all of my vases, pots, and tools nearby.

I am so excited about this that I have sort of renamed half of my Butler’s Pantry to the Flower Arranging Room. And I am going to do a bi-weekly or monthly blog post on making flower arrangements for my home! This is so perfect for me. Because I know I will spend more than a minute in the room formerly known as my Butler’s Pantry to play with flowers every day. Even if occasionally I am even creating faux arrangements.


My only dilemma is what to do when I get the copper latte machine fixed. It’s too gorgeous not to have a nice spot in our home. I just need to figure that out.

Until then, I must have flowers and flowers.

So do you think I am crazy?

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6 thoughts on “From Coffee to Flowers // The Butler’s Pantry Transformation

  1. No I think that’s a brilliant idea!! How cool to make good use of that unused space.

    Random question…are those red oak floors? Do you recall the stain? I have similar/sane floors but they are orange and blahand looking to restain them. Love your color!

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