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I took a small hiatus with Design Inspirations, but today I’m back with another one… and boy is it a good one! Enter Laura of @the.simple.farmhouse. Her home is the definition of light, bright and white! But what I love about Laura’s home the most is that she stays slightly off the beaten path as it pertains to farmhouse. One detail here or there really shows her style which is kind of rare these days! Laura, I love your home!


From the shiplap to the glass jars, the wood in the fireplace and the sign, everything about Laura’s dining room is approachably perfect. This looks like such a warm place to sit around the table and make memories… which is the point of a dining room, right?! I love that her table is simple but can be dressed up to be a bit more farmhouse or traditional.

the simple farmhouse family room 2.JPG

These indoor whimsical curtains and lanterns? Adding to my list of things to get next!


Laura’s kitchen is absolutely breathtaking! I love her exposed jar concept (something I also do) with the open shelves. It creates such nice detail to look at while still being functional.

the.simplefarmhouse family room.JPG

Laura was sweet enough to answer a few of my burning questions, giving us a glimpse into why she started on Instagram, what her favorite aspect of IG is and of course, what her unicorn Rae Dunn piece is (you’ll be surprised to know her answer- it’s a good one!). Thanks, Laura!


Leslie Saeta: What made you decide to go on IG and share your farmhouse with others?

Laura: My Instagram account was formerly called @ontothenextproject and was just a little way for me to share some of my cheap DIY projects with friends. I started it while my husband and I were redoing our kitchen floor.

LS: What was the single best thing you did to gain meaningful followers?

L: I have found that the most meaningful followers and engagement come from getting to know my fellow Instagrammers. The decor community, especially, is so welcoming and encouraging here.  So get connected!

LS: What’s your favorite farmhouse decor item?

L: My favorite farmhouse item would be any chippy antique piece with a good story.  I’m particularly drawn to architectural salvage like corbels, pediments, and mantels.  But it’s the story that always draws me in.  I like to know where things came from and the ‘life’ they had before they came to me.  My favorite antique pieces in my home right now are my grandmother’s ironstone and a set of mantels and pediments salvaged from a local 1850’s house.

LS: What’s been the most rewarding part of being on IG?

L: The most rewarding, and totally unexpected, part of being on Instagram has been the people I’ve been able to meet here – fellow small shop owners, decor enthusiasts and DIY’ers. Some I’ve only ‘met’ through long and late night, laughter-filled DM conversations and others I’ve been able to meet in person.  That has truly been a joy in this Instagram journey.  It’s all just pretty pictures without the people and the personal stories behind them. ❤️

LS: My Rae Dunn unicorn….?

L: Well, I just might be the unicorn here, but I have not jumped on the Rae Dunn bandwagon.???????? It seems to me that the joy of collecting Rae Dunn is in ‘the hunt’ – which I can most definitely relate to.  I get that same thrill whenever I am on the hunt for pieces for my shop.  So I guess you could say that I love having a shop full of antique architectural ‘unicorns’! ????

Make sure you’re following Laura @the.simple.farmhouse and hop over to her Instagram to give her and her beautiful home some love! #100designinspirations

You can also check out her etsy site here!

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