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Today’s design inspiration is Caroline from Town and Country Style! Her gorgeous home speaks for itself, but allow me to fawn over it!


Because of the way it’s designed, Caroline’s home gets light like no other. With all of those windows (due to those high ceilings), the light creates such a dreamy and airy vibe in her home. Plus… her view is to die for!


But one of my favorite parts about Caroline’s home is her regal yet inviting tone. High ceilings and an open concept layout can easily feel overwhelming and not too welcoming, but Caroline uses those design elements to her advantage, making her house truly feel like a home. It’s simple, yet thoughtful… something I always strive for too!


Lastly, since I’ve just come off of my back porch makeover, you know I’m loving a good outdoor space! Hers definitely gives mine a good run for it’s money! This looks like the absolute perfect spot to cozy up and enjoy those incredible summer nights that we long for. I’m always a fan of outdoor lights… remember this MIY?

Caroline was sweet enough to answer a few of my burning questions, giving us a glimpse into why she started on Instagram, what her favorite aspect of IG is and of course, what her unicorn Rae Dunn piece is! Thanks, Caroline!


Leslie Saeta: What made you decide to go on IG and share your farmhouse with others?

Caroline: I started using IG 4 years ago when we bought the cottage. At first it was a private account where I shared anything and everything. A year and a half after that I realized that there was much more to do than that and I was renovating the cottage so I decided to make my account public and to switch to English. After that, it was very, very slow. I wasn’t getting many followers, I was over using filters and I wasn’t playing any tags …then I discovered that some pictures were getting more attention.

LS: What was the single best thing you did to gain meaningful followers?

C: I met Karen @somewhereonmain and we became friends. I learned a lot about using IG and she featured me a few times to help my account grow a bit. It’s still going slow if I compare myself to others but it is what it is! ????

LS: What’s been your favorite DIY project that you’ve featured?

C: I’m not a very good DIY person. I will start a project only to find myself quitting in the middle of it ????  so I have great admiration for anyone who uses their hands to create something. I’m a good baker though and a good writer too (but in French … my writing in English is very basic as you can see ???? )

LS: What’s your favorite farmhouse decor item?

C: My favourite farmhouse decor item would definitely be the ladder in the kitchen at the cottage. I’m so glad I thought of adding it! I find it brings more character to the whole space while serving useful purposes and I just love it!

Photo Via @TownAndCountrystyle

[Leslie’s Note: I mean… can we talk about this kitchen? Pretty much a dream! Shiplap? Check! Huge center island? Check! The coolest library ladder? Double check! I bet this is such a fun kitchen to gather in. ]

LS: What’s been the most rewarding part of being on IG?

C: The most rewarding part of being in IG has been the friendships I’ve made. I didn’t expect to bond so much with the people I may never meet! Plus, it gave me confidence in my decorating skills with all the great comments I receive everyday. IG can be so uplifting and I’m very grateful for that.

LS: My Rae Dunn unicorn….?

C: Sadly, as a Canadian, I don’t have any Rae Dunn as it’s not sold here!

Make sure you’re following Caroline @townandcountrystyle and hop over to her Instagram to give her and her beautiful home some love! #100designinspirations

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