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photo via @thesimpleabode

Today’s Design Inspirations is all about Chelsea of The Simple Abode. Her forever home (as she calls it) is truly the essence of the #simplefarmhousetouches hashie!

One of my favorite parts of Chelsea’s feed is how simple it is. She keeps her signage to a minimum and doesn’t “overly farmhouse” her home which I love! With keeping it white and simple with only a few touches here and there, she achieves that farmhouse look without it being over the top. Her house is just beautiful!

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photo via @thesimpleabode

Another reason I love her feed is because all I can think of is greenery, greenery, greenery when I think of The Simple Abode! And let me tell you, I am A-OKAY with that. Sometimes I find that my feed is so saturated with peonies and tulips that it’s nice to see some real greenery to liven things up! Plus, it’s such a nice accent with all of her white.

Chelsea was sweet enough to answer a few questions for us to give us a better glimpse into why she started, what her favorite aspect of Instagram is and of course, what her unicorn Rae Dunn piece is! Thanks, Chelsea!


Leslie Saeta: What made you decide to go on IG and share your farmhouse with others?

Chelsea Corriher: It all started when we bought our first home in 2015. I searched through Pinterest and Instagram daily for home decor inspiration. With all the home decor inspiration, I started posting my home on my personal account. I had so many of my friends tell me I should start a blog. I’m not really the writer type ( I hated English in high school) haha So I decided to start an Instagram account first 🙂

LS: What was the single best thing you did to gain meaningful followers?

CC: Making sure to always be humble and reply to followers when they have questions on where I bought something or even replying a simple sweet thank you!

LS: What’s been your favorite DIY project that you’ve featured?

CC: My favorite DIY project is our shiplap guest bedroom! White shiplap can bring a room to life!

the simple abode shiplap

photo via @thesimpleabode

LS: What’s your favorite farmhouse decor item?

CC: My favorite farmhouse decor item would have to be my “Fresh Baked Pies Daily” sign from world market! I am constantly moving this sign in my kitchen. It goes perfectly in any type of home!

the simple abode fresh baked pies.png

photo via @thesimpleabode

LS: What’s been the most rewarding part of being on IG?

CC: The most rewarding part of being on Instagram is all the friends I’ve made. You might say, “how can you be friends with someone through Instagram?” Well I thought that too. But I have actually met a few of these girls! The ones I haven’t met, we talk on a daily basis!

LS: My Rae Dunn unicorn….?

CC: My Rae Dunn unicorn piece has to be the mixing bowls!

Make sure you’re following Chelsea on her Instagram @thesimpleabode and you can follow her on Etsy @thesimpledesignshop (And you can enter INSTAGRAM at checkout for 15% off!)

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