Today’s design inspiration is Allison from @theclevergoose! Her home is newly renovated which means that every inch of her home was thought of and boy can you tell! With Allison, it’s all about details (maybe because she has a whole shop full of incredible farmhouse finds!).

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I think my favorite part of Allison’s house is her kitchen. It looks straight out of an episode of Fixer Upper! Not only do I love how white she kept it, but I especially love the detail she added of the exposed shelf-esque aspect! Exposed shelves are something I really love but could never do in my home, so I geek out when I see it in other people’s homes! My only question with exposed shelving is this… does it always look this way?! There’s no way I could keep it this tidy all the time!

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One of the other aspects that I love about Allison’s home is her sign on the gate of her property that says, “Dogwood Creek.” I personally have a thing for when a home or property is named and so I think it’s absolutely fabulous that she got the name of her’s done in metal. (Allison tells me this sign comes from Maker-Table, in case you’re interested!) Now it’s time to come up with a name for my home… besides My 100 Year Old Home!

Allison answered a few of my burning questions, giving us a glimpse into why she started on Instagram, what her favorite aspect of IG is and of course, what her unicorn Rae Dunn piece is! Thanks, Allison!


Leslie Saeta: What made you decide to go on IG and share your farmhouse with others?

Clever Goose: My dad and I had just started our Etsy shop, Clever Goose, and I thought, “I could post our items on Instagram!”  But as time went on, I found that Instagram has an entire community of interior design and home decor that’s full of inspiration and amazing people! Slowly, I began sharing photos of my home along with the signs and trays from our shop. Then last year, we started self-contracting our Southern Revival Farmhouse and I shared the journey with my followers….they and the accounts I follow, inspired me and cheered me along. What I love about Instagram is that it’s such a happy place! I’m now completely off Facebook and only on Instagram!

LS: What was the single best thing you did to gain meaningful followers?

CG: Staying true to my style and personality. Always being who I am and interacting with followers just as if we were in the same room together.

LS: What’s been your favorite DIY project that you’ve featured?

CG: My new home! My husband, and I (along with the enormous help of my dad) DIY’d a HUGE portion of our home. It was the hardest I’ve ever worked in a 6 month period, but it’s been very rewarding!

LS: What’s your favorite farmhouse decor item?

CG: Probably my old chippy windows that I almost always have on my mantel. I found them at a local antique store and I love everything about them. I always wonder what story they’re keeping. Who looked in and out of them, were they in an old southern home or a cottage on the coast?

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you can find this relax sign on Allison’s shop

LS: What’s been the most rewarding part of being on IG?

CG: Meeting and forming friendships with so many wonderful people! I love how I’ve stumbled across beautiful photos and posts and then discovered that the one behind the post is just as wonderful! Ig has given me the chance to become friends with people I would have never have met….People across the globe from Australia, to Canada and even miles away on the East and West coasts of the USA.

LS: My Rae Dunn unicorn….?

CG: Here’s a little secret….I don’t own one piece of Rae Dunn.


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