Today’s design inspiration is all about Amy of My Rustic House. I fell in love with her Instagram feed because she always seems to capture these small details that really make a big difference.

farmhouse gather sign with rae dunn.png

What I’m Inspired By

This photo spoke to me because I too am a Rae Dunn addict! And finding ways to showcase my Rae Dunn, um collection, without it looking too crazy (or like I have an addiction) is always a challenge. I love the way that Amy has mixed and matched her Rae Dunn with other pieces, piled pieces on top of each other and added in some greenery. It makes her collection seem more like a scene and less like it was just thrown on top of a counter, which I really like. Not to mention the “gather” sign

farmhouse kitchen with signs.png

What I’m Inspired By

Signs. Signs. Signs. I always feel like if anyone loves the farmhouse style but doesn’t have the budget to do a whole kitchen or home renovation, the next best thing is to fill your home with these fun signs. I keep telling my boys that it’s a good thing I’ve taken up the farmhouse style because in case I get Alzheimer’s one day, I’ll still know where everything is! Between the signs, the bread baskets and the Rae Dunn, everything is spelled out! But seriously,  you can thrift these signs or find them online at really low prices and they make the world of difference.

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