Everything You Need to Know About Flowering Branches

I love bringing flowering branches into our home. It’s such a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in and add color and a beautiful scent to any room.

flowering branches

Now is the time to considert adding flowering branches into your home. Every spring I add blooming buds to our home because they are not hard to find. I found these yellow Forsythia branches at our local grocery store!

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Easy Elegance Wednesdays – Fall and Christmas Decor

I am so excited to share with you Easy Elegance Wednesdays, where we will celebrate simple elegant decor.  

Every Wednesday I share a wonderful round-up of posts with you. Today’s theme is centered around Fall Decor with one Christmas DIY. And that Christmas Craft was shared by me! I love this tree skirt and it’s never too early to start your holiday DIY’s.

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Five Facts About Carrots I Bet You Never Knew

Facts about carrots

This post is sponsored by Bolthouse Farms® and SHE Media.

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting Bolthouse Farms® in San Joaquin Valley, CA.  They have been growing carrots since 1915, which coincidentally is the same year my 100 year old home was built. I have to be honest, I knew nothing about carrots prior to this visit. Although I do remember learning in third grade that carrots were good for your eyes (and given my eyesight, I probably should have remembered that important carrot fact). 

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How the Haven Conference Changed My Life (And it Can Change Yours Too!)

bridal shower 2

Two years ago I attended the Haven Conference. If you have no idea what the Haven Conference is, it’s a design and DIY blogging conference for home decor bloggers and influencers. It is usually held in July and most years it has been in Atlanta, Ga. I attended my first Haven Conference four months after I started my @my100yearoldhome Instagram and blog. I walked in the door on the first day and knew no one. Not a single person.

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Five Tips to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living space

Can you believe it is July already? The weather has been wonderful in Southern California and we are really enjoying our outdoor living rooms. Today I am thrilled to team up with some of my blogging friends to share our outdoor living rooms. In the summertime, we love spending time outdoors and today I am sharing five tips to enjoy your outdoor living space.

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How to Expand Your Living Space by Bringing the Outdoors Inside

screen doors

There are always challenges living in a one hundred year old home. The lighting still blinks when the A/C comes on. We have one outlet in the dining room and it’s in the middle of the floor (underneath my rug). And until now, we haven’t been able to leave our french doors open because we have no screen doors. But that has all changed, thanks to my partnership with Phantom Screens.

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