Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Mud Pie Sundaes

homemade coffee ice cream mud pie sundaes

Whenever I am asked what is my favorite dessert, the answer is always “mud pie”. There is something about the oreo cookie crust, coffee ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream that gets me every time. One thing you might not know about me is that I haven’t had a dessert in six years. (That’s another story for a later date.) So when I tell you that my Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Mud Pie Sundaes are good, they were tasted by two very tough critics … my husband and my youngest son.

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The Best Canning Recipes


A few years ago I bought some mason jars and decided to try canning. I was in pursuit of finding the best canning recipes and was thrilled with my results. I have made just about every flavor of jam and jelly and lovemaking apple butter. My most recent canning project was making Orange and Red Pepper Jam and Cranberry Pepper Jam

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Homemade Marshmallow S’mores with Toasted Coconut

toasted coconut marshmallow s'mores

I can’t believe I have never made homemade marshmallows until today. I made these toasted coconut homemade marshmallow s’mores and they are so delicious. In fact, the marshmallows are so easy to make and taste so much better than the store-bought kind, that you have to try this recipe! This recipe is for vanilla marshmallows but please know that you can make peppermint, lemon, strawberry, Nutella, and chocolate marshmallows … to name a few. The flavors are endless!

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Summer Peach Recipes

peach recipes

I love cooking in the summertime and any peach recipe is my favorite! My brother and his family, who live in Georgia, were guests for dinner at our home a while back. Georgia is very well known for its peaches, so I decided to cook a dinner party featuring some peach recipes! Peaches have always been my favorite and what is better than a dinner featuring the name of every street in Atlanta? Haha.

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My Favorite Outdoor Summer Party

Summer is here and nothing is better than entertaining outside. Today I have joined several bloggers to share our favorite outdoor summer party. It was difficult to pick my favorite outdoor party. We have hosted a lot of amazing dinners this last year, including a dinner on the beach, a dinner club party in our backyard and Andrew and Charlotte’s Engagement party. But the one outdoor summer party that holds a special place in my heart was when we hosted the Engagement Party in our backyard for my son Andrew and his fiance Charlotte.

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