Around The House at My 100 Year Old Home – Week Two

Welcome to Around the House at My 100 Year Old Home. This is new a weekly update I share every Saturday about what is going on at My 100 Year Old Home.

Welcome Inside My 100 Year Old Home

It’s been such an incredible week and I love how the new year is starting off. I am still way more organized and loving my new life style. It’s been life changing.

I have a theme for my blog every month and January’s theme is Back to Basics. I have literally taken a step backward to learn some of basics that I am loving it. This week I mastered a basic cake from scratch and I loved the process! Chef Monique Chan was back in my kitchen and I loved cooking with her.

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Seventeen Free Halloween Printables

I love this adorable Halloween printable! You can download it for free and also get the SVG file for the Cricut machine.

This adorable Halloween chalkboard says "The Witch Is in"

I love printables.  When the opportunity came up to post a fall Halloween printable with some of my blogger friends, I jumped! 

Today I have joined sixteen bloggers and we are all sharing free fall Halloween printables. This blogging group is coordinated by my friend Kristen at Ella Claire blog. Be sure to head on over and check out her amazing blog. I know you are going to love these printables so be sure to head to the bottom of this post for all of the links.

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Fall Apples Free Printable Art

free printables

Most of you aren’t aware that before I created my blog and Instagram at My 100 Year Old Home, I was a full-time artist. Huh? It’s true! I painted every day, taught 14 – 16 workshops a year and hosted an art podcast. For the last couple of years, I have been so busy with My 100 Year Old Home that I haven’t had a lot of time to paint. So I thought it might be fun to share with all of you a free printable download of one of my favorite paintings.

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