Vintage Crock Spring Floral Arrangements

I loved creating these spring floral arrangements using my vintage crocks and these gorgeous tulips from Trader Joes. These arrangements are inexpensive, easy to make and look way nicer than they cost. 

spring floral arrangement

I am so happy that I decided to arrange the gorgeous flowers in containers that I absolutely love … vintage crocks! I love arranging flowers in vessels that aren’t vases. In the past, I have arranged flowers using vintage battery jars, a french vintage champagne crate, and vintage cheese molds. Today I am sharing how to use vintage crocks for your spring floral arrangements.

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Easy Elegance Wednesdays – My Flower Arranging Room

I Am So Excited To Share With You Easy Elegance Wednesdays, Where We Celebrate Simple Elegant Decor. Today I Am Sharing How I transferred our Coffee Room to My Flower Arranging Room.

flower arranging room

There was a time, a few years ago, when I was convinced I had to have a Coffee Room.

Forget the fact that it took me less than one minute to make a cup of coffee since I used Starbuck’s Via Instant coffee and our Insta-hot. Everyone (on Instagram) had a coffee room or a coffee area, and of course, that meant I had to have one! 

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Seven Reasons You Need Fresh Flowers in Your Home

I love fresh flowers in our home and today I am sharing seven reasons why you need fresh flowers in your home.

seven reasons why you need fresh flowers in your home

One of my goals this year is to bring fresh flowers into our home more often. I love to arrange flowers and I love the beauty that fresh flowers bring in to our home. When I was asked to be part of this blog hop and to style a spring vignette, I knew I wanted to share our flower arranging room. There are always some flower arranging happening here and today I am styling some roses and ranunculus. I opted not to share a photo of the finished flower arrangement. Rather, I wanted to share where and how things are created. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Flowering Branches

I love bringing flowering branches into our home. It’s such a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in and add color and a beautiful scent to any room.

flowering branches

Now is the time to considert adding flowering branches into your home. Every spring I add blooming buds to our home because they are not hard to find. I found these yellow Forsythia branches at our local grocery store!

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Cherry Blossom Branches DIY

Cherry blossoms are my favorite. And whenever I can’t find the real thing, I always ask myself “Can I make it?”. I hope you like These cherry blossom branches because I made them and I am sharing my DIY here too!

cherry blossom

I love cherry blossoms. But in Southern California, I have hard a hard time finding them. So I decided to make my own.

I think my DIY cherry blossoms look quite real. And the best part is that these cherry blossoms will last forever.

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The Best Tip to Organizing Your Party Planning

I love to entertain and plan parties. Today I am sharing what I think is the best tool to organize my party planning … my color-coded spreadsheet!

party planning tips

I love to plan parties. I really do. Last year we hosted nine parties at our home that ranged from 12 to 200 people. I loved every second of the party planning because of what I call my best tool to organize your party planning.

It’s called my Color Coded Spreadsheet.

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