Easy Elegance Wednesdays – Metallic Valentine Hearts

I Am So Excited To Share With You Easy Elegance Wednesdays, Where We Celebrate Simple Elegant Decor. Today I Am Sharing a wonderful Valentine Craft that is very easy to make … Metallic Valentine Hearts.

Clay Metallic Valentine Hearts

I love making Valentine crafts. If you follow my blog then you know I have started already making Valentine crafts this month. These silver metallic Valentine hearts were inspired by vintage metal heart-shaped lockets. I thought it might be fun to make something similar.

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The Best Tip to Organizing Your Party Planning

I love to entertain and plan parties. Today I am sharing what I think is the best tool to organize my party planning … my color-coded spreadsheet!

party planning tips

I love to plan parties. I really do. Last year we hosted nine parties at our home that ranged from 12 to 200 people. I loved every second of the party planning because of what I call my best tool to organize your party planning.

It’s called my Color Coded Spreadsheet.

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Easy Elegant Wednesdays – Cranberry Orange Scones Recipe

I Am So Excited To Share With You Easy Elegance Wednesdays, Where We Celebrate Simple Elegant Decor. Today I Am Sharing One of My Favorite Recipes for Cranberry Orange Scones.

cranberry orange scones

We all have a recipe that is a “go-to recipe”. It’s the one that when you make it, you know it’s going to be good. My Cranberry Scones Recipe is that recipe! And aren’t these perfect for Valentine’s Day?

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Around The House at My 100 Year Old Home

Welcome to Around the House at My 100 Year Old Home. This is new a weekly update I share every Saturday about what is going on at My 100 Year Old Home.

Around the House

Welcome Inside My 100 Year Old Home

It’s a New Year and there are a lot of new changes at My 100 Year old Home. I have a new calendar on my blog that highlights some of the things I am doing this month, which you can see here. I decided to share this primarily makes me accountable and focused on what’s happening ahead and not just today! I am hoping you will find it interesting. 

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Easy Elegance Wednesdays – Inspirational Christmas Decorating Ideas

I am so excited to share with you Easy Elegance Wednesdays, where we will celebrate simple elegant decor. Today I am sharing Christmas Decorating ideas and how I decorated our kitchen for Christmas. 

I love decorating our home for Christmas and decorating our kitchen has always been a high priority. I do have to be careful not to add too much decor because our kitchen is a working kitchen and this is my busiest cooking season of the year. Today I have joined some very talented bloggers as we share our Christmas decorating ideas.

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Easy Elegance Wednesdays – Inspirational Holiday Season Ideas

This weekend we are hosting our third annual Friendsgiving and I am so excited! We have a group of friends that have gotten together every few months for thirty years and we have now added this really fun dinner to our schedule. Friendsgiving feels like it’s the beginning of entertaining during the holiday season and I love it.  You can follow along with my Instagram stories this week to see what I have planned for this year. 

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