TWENTY THURSDAYS ‘TILL CHRISTMAS // Setting a Holiday Table with Music

Before you lash out at me for posting Christmas décor in August, let me explain what this idea is. We’ve all been there where it’s mid-December and we realize we’re totally behind. On gifts, on RSVPing to parties, sending out Christmas cards and even putting up the decorations. Or even if you’re ahead, maybe you’re feeling uninspired. I figured that if I started now, I would be able to get creative with my décor ideas and have a whole repertoire of ideas. So, if you don’t feel like reading now, bookmark this and remember me come Christmas so that you can find some great Christmas décor ideas. When you are ready. 


As I continue planning my holiday decorations for Christmas I am having a lot of fun creating unexpected table decorations. I was looking for something different to use as placemats and thought Christmas sheet music might be a lot of fun!

IMG_6071I went on eBay and found a collection of 15 different sheets of vintage Christmas music. Total cost was only $11.00. Of course, I had to find a set that included the music from my favorite holiday movie, White Christmas.


I love that everyone at the table has a different song on their “placemats”.


Who knows, maybe the dinner will end with a few carols?


And yes, I know it’s not actually twenty thursdays ’till Christmas. I just like to give myself some wiggle room since the holidays are a busy time! 

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3 thoughts on “TWENTY THURSDAYS ‘TILL CHRISTMAS // Setting a Holiday Table with Music

  1. Love your ideas. Please keep them coming. I love to set tables for every season and holiday. Need some new ideas.

    1. I’m so glad this is helping, Karen! I was worried it’s a bit too early but I want to have some fun ideas in the archives for later!

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