Is It Fall Yet?

While we were sweltering in the heat and humidity in Taipei I couldn’t help but notice a lot of fall decor popping up on my favorite Instagram feeds. At first, I thought it was a fluke but soon it appeared as if everyone was changing seasons on me. This was all happening behind my back while I was really far from home. What the heck?

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Hurricane Harvey // What You Can Do


It’s not new news that Hurricane Harvey is continuing in its force and destruction. To be honest, being in Taipei, there wasn’t a lot of news or talk about the devastation, so when I got home the other night, I was in shock. While it’s easy to feel hopeless when you’re not there to physically help, there’s still a lot you can do. And while a small donation might not feel like much, it definitely has an impact. The only good that comes from these crazy events is they bring us together. So let’s all join together and do everything we can to help the people of Texas and Louisiana. 

Here are five ways you can help 

// Texas Forever Shirt from Magnolia Market 

  • (100% of profits go towards disaster relief efforts)

// Texas Diaper Bank 

  • In times of trouble, we often forget babies and senior citizens need diapers to survive. Often times other relief organizations forgo diapers as they take up a ton of space on the trucks… but they are needed!

// Houston Food Bank

  • It’s no surprise that food donations will be needed after Harvey. With the Houston Food Bank, you can support via donation or time.

// SPCA of Texas 

  • If you’re an animal lover, you’ve probably seen the photos of the animals during this time. Many are left behind and eventually taken to shelters. SPCA transports these animals to safe places. You can donate or if you are local to the Houston area, foster a displaced animal until it is reunited with its owner.

// Air BnB

  • If you have a spare room, you can host someone by listing your home on Airbnb for free, with no service fees to anyone.



Make It Yourself // Embroidered Magnolia Apron


When I teach my painting workshops, each of my students gets an apron embroidered with their name on it. I used to spend $12 on each apron to have them embroidered. Since I taught  12 – 14 workshops a year, I finally figured out that it would be much cheaper if I embroidered them myself.

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TWENTY THURSDAYS ‘TILL CHRISTMAS // Using Unconventional Items to Create a Christmas Table Setting


I was so excited when I found twenty red and green vintage books this month while shopping at flea markets and vintage junktion. I used them last week when I decorated my bookshelves for Christmas. I am so happy I came up with a fun way to use the books as my centerpiece.

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Slipcovers or Upholstery?

When it comes to having chairs and sofas redone, there are usually two choices, slipcover or reupholster.

Either will give you a lovely end result – a new outside garment for a piece of solid furniture. But how do you decide between slipcover or upholster? It’s important to consider use, the condition of the furniture piece and cost.

FullSizeRender 24

I love the look of Liz Marie Galvin’s slipcovers 

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