FIND OF THE WEEK // Recipe Holder


There was a time when all of my recipes came from my recipe box or my huge collection of cookbooks. Nowadays, I seem to find my inspiration online from Pinterest and the very enticing Tasty videos. When it comes time to cooking one of these recipes, I usually print the recipe and then leave it on my island … only to find it ruined with remnants of my cooking exploration! (This can’t just be me…)

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FIND OF THE WEEK // My Grocery List


Now that my husband and I are empty nesters, I find it harder to do the grocery shopping. The days of having three athletic boys to feed (all. day. long) are less frequent and the cupboards are a lot more bare. Oddly enough though, it seems like we run out of things more frequently. I know it doesn’t make sense but it’s true. The extra food that used to fill our cupboards is non-existent.

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FIND OF THE WEEK // Sport’s Food Storage

sport the dog with his food

Sport has no idea how good he has it. Most dogs have their food stored in one of those ugly gray plastic containers that smell and look like yucky plastic. Sound familiar? But Sport’s mom is all about “making it look good,” so obviously I had to find another option! A good friend of mine always says, “fashion over function” and let’s just say… I’ve taken that to heart!

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FIND OF THE WEEK // Scrabble Tiles

scrabble tiles in jar

A few weeks ago I bought two bags of scrabble tiles at the Ventura Antique Flea Market (they were $4 each). I have already had so much fun playing with these around the house and my husband keeps laughing at all of the messages I have been leaving for him. It feels a little bit like texting but it’s a lot more fun.

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FIND OF THE WEEK // Chalkboard Menu Board and Place Cards

chalkboard menu with flowers

One of my favorite online stores is Save On Crafts. They promote their site as a great resource for weddings but it is also great for home decor, crafts, and faux flowers. I discovered this site last fall while searching for the chalkboard menu board I saw in the kitchen of the Magnolia House in Waco, Tx. I stayed there twice last year and by the second visit, I knew I had to have one!

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